The one that got away…

WTF is this, Scorp?

Here’s the backstory:


Dearborn, MI

My brother paid me a visit, so we decide to hit this new bar by my crib…

We’re standin around waiting on drinks…they got video screens errywhere…

This video comes on.



I continue to shoot the shit with my sibling while keeping an eagle eye on this video…Im waiting for the end so I can find out who this bouncy young lady is…

The end credit comes up and it says Tarsha Vega…I immediately consult le internet…
not even a damn picture…
Apparently, this song was from the Rocky & Bullwinkle sdtrk. its a decent pop song…Im not offended by it…
she aint been heard from since…periodical checks over the last 9 yrs. with ye olde search engines came up with the same shit.
Today, I was at home and my inner voice said “hit the Great Oracle and see if Tarsha Vega is on there….”
I see what I was lookin at…got the semi-boho thang happenin(which I’ve since cured myself of)…
She aint all undressed and writhing and tryna be all come hither….she’s rockin jeans, kicks, and a girl tank…perfecto.
hit Google again to find out what’s what….
besides the fact hat she’s from BK and that she did some back up singin here and there…again, goose egg…
so I’m looking at this video and enjoying my lil fantasy….then I see this:

um….this is a scene plucked right out of my g*ddamn fantasies…

do they even make women like that?

and she hollarin at a big dude?



*schmooves eyebrows*

Tarsha…if you out there…and you see me at the local watering hole…

*fanger guns*

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